March 9, 2015

Business Plans

We write the Script while You set the Stage for Action

All figured out?
As an entrepreneur you have it all figured out. You have put together all the pieces of the puzzle in your mind and you are ready to put your business idea into action. You feel that you are in touching distance of success and you can hardly wait to start reaping the rewards. But just as you approach investor(s), your banker(s) or even your potential business partner(s), you are asked whether you have a written Business Plan. And while you are perfectly capable of putting a Business Plan together, you would rather just press ahead with your new venture instead.
If this sounds familiar, then rest assured You are not alone. Many budding and seasoned entrepreneurs like Yourself share the same experience, and many invariably delegate the task of writing their business plans to specialised experts.
This is where we come in to the picture:
With a wealth of experience in writing and evaluating Business Plans, we can help translate your mental blueprint of your new business into a concise, realistic and convincing Business Plan. Central to our methodology is the recognition that Investors and Financiers have varying expectations and risk appetites. It is for this reason that we put a lot of thought and effort into addressing their specific and exacting requirements and expectations.
In addition to synthesising sound underlying assumptions with supporting research and evidence, our methodology involves complementing Your business projections with scenario/sensitivity analyses so that the target audience is fully equipped to readily make an informed decision. We do all this with one core purpose in mind: to get the audience of Your Business Plan to nod sagely in favour of supporting Your business idea or venture.
We write most types of Business Plans including those for franchise outlets e.g. Subway etc., for raising equity & debt financing for start-ups and expansion projects as well as for Entrepreneur/Investor immigration visas.
Lights Camera Action!
So if you are starting a business or embarking on a new venture and need expert help or advice to write your Plan, look no further. Let us take care of the writing part while You take care of the real action. Click here to start now.